From Small Organizations to Enterprise-Wide Implementations, IntelliGrants™ is Your Solution.

IntelliGrants is a 100% web-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) product, proven to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

IntelliGrants Features:
Application and Workflow

A grant applicant logs onto the system with a unique username and password, completes all grant application forms online, and once all the requirements have been meet, submits the application online. The application process, facilitated by IntelliGrants’ user-friendly screens and menus, helps to guide users/applicants through the grant application process. Having one centralized system ensures that data can be made readily available to all appropriate users. Once submitted the application is assigned a status and moves through the agencies defined application approval process. For each step in the application process, business rules must be met to permit movement to the next step in the process. Grant related documents, such as contracts that require a signature, can be automatically generated using information provided in the IntelliGrants system.

Review and Scoring

Reviewing and scoring applications has never been easier. IntelliGrants can be configured to have the application reviewed and scored entirely by the Grantor, page-by-page, or automatically by IntelliGrants. The Grantor has the ability to assign reviewers to a team on an application by application basis, and reviewers have the ability to add notes and comments throughout the review process.

Audit and Security

IntelliGrants was designed with full audit traceability capabilities. User initiated actions such as application status changes, note additions or system messages within IntelliGrants are date/time stamped to include the time the action was executed and the name of the person making the modification. Every user that logs into an IntelliGrants system has a unique username and password. Using this method allows IntelliGrants to recognize users in the system and provide a very detailed system of permissions.


IntelliGrants is a comprehensive grant program reporting solution, capable of generating all required Federal or State pre-formatted reports and internal reports. System administrators have the ability to build reports from data within any table in the database. The reporting flexibility IntelliGrants offers can serve a wide variety of financial reporting needs including assisting staff with reconciliation tasks, year-end reporting, and processing delinquency notices.


IntelliGrants enables staff to track grant fund allocations, approval or denial of funding requests, limit the number of budget revisions, or any other financial tracking needs. Users are able to organize, search, and compile data on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis for individual grant program reports or roll the information up into a consolidated report, whereby effectively leveraging the financial data residing in the system. IntelliGrants also has the ability to integrate with many software systems.


IntelliGrants is a scalable Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) grants management solution, with the flexibility to handle highly specialized individual agencies and/or encompass multiple agencies within one enterprise-wide grant management portal. This scalability is possible by leveraging a combination of the IntelliGrants 80/20 model, domain structures, and enterprise reporting capabilities.


As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Agate has built IntelliGrants using the .Net web technology on a SQL Server database.

IntelliGrants Document Designer

  • Create new documents (applications, proposals, claims, request for reimbursements, progress reports, etc.) and/or modify existing documents
  • Substantial application flexibility in addition to time and cost savings
  • Easily Duplicate Forms, Flexible Design and Formatting, Process Management

IntelliGrants Report Builder

  • Reporting flexibility in addition to time and cost savings for your organization
  • Ad Hoc-style reporting
  • Easily query information stored in IntelliGrants
  • Export reports to multiple formats (Excel, HTML, XML, Rich Text)

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