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Rethinking your grant management?
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Trust us, you are not alone. Agate Software has worked with many clients that had the same questions and concerns that you are currently facing. Luckily, we have the answers.

With its vast array of features and flexible configuration tools, IntelliGrants is a unqiuely positioned solution that addresses all aspects of grants management. Contact us to get started today!
Streamlined success

Agate Software’s highly experienced staff has a deep understanding of the detailed processes surrounding the administration and lifecycle of grants. This knowledge and expertise allows Agate Software to focus on identifying specific elements unique to each Agencies process and provide efficient and effective solutions to incorporate those elements into an online environment.

Agate’s success is attributed in large part to a dedicated staff including project managers, developers, and help desk personnel whose primary goal is to partner with our clients to deliver successful grant management solutions on time and on budget.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Agate centers its development strategy on the Microsoft development platform, utilizing Microsoft SQL database solutions integrated with Active Server Page and .NET web technology. Microsoft’s resources and reliability give us a firm foundation upon which IntelliGrants is built.

Grant Management Leaders

Agate Software, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the creation and implementation of web-based grant management solutions. IntelliGrants™ was developed over a decade from our experience focusing on the creation and understanding of online grant management initiatives. IntelliGrants is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) grants management solution that allows State Agencies the ability to manage every step of the grant lifecycle in an online environment. From application and workflow, review and scoring, award and accounting, all the way through internal and federal reporting requirements. Business rules configured into the customizable workflow process can incorporate automatic system messages, error checks, and calculations for making the grant process as user-friendly as possible. IntelliGrants integrates with existing state accounting systems, eliminating the need to rely
on multiple databases for accessing information. IntelliGrants provides full audit traceability and transparency across multiple divisions, making the grant management process more efficient for all grantees and program staff involved.

IntelliGrants has been implemented for a wide variety of clients managing both State and Federal grant programs. Since 1997, 23 states, and the District of Columbia have purchased a license for Agate’s IntelliGrants software.Within these states, IntelliGrants has been successfully implemented over 70 times. These IntelliGrants-based systems manage over 250 unique state and federal grant programs totaling more than $3.5 billion in grant funds annually.

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